Understanding Divorce in Illinois

Divorce today is allowed in every state of the union, but that doesn’t mean the procedure to follow is the same set of steps. In Illinois, like many states, there are local court rules, and these can vary at the detail level county by county. It’s this technical level of nuance that can create big…

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IL DIY Divorce – Do It Yourself Divorce in Illinois

Making the decision to divorce involves significant stress for both parties, even if the decision to part is mutual. Fortunately, modern couples don’t face nearly the same obstacles as their counterparts of the past, who often had to wait years and jump through a variety of legal hoops before a divorce was granted. Couples seeking divorce…

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cost of divorce in Illinois

How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Illinois?

Those living in Illinois and thinking about divorce might be like many Americans in the current uncertain financial climate. You’re wondering how much does a divorce cost in Illinois. The short answer is the cost of a divorce in Illinois depends on your marital situation. Factors include whether or not you have children and property…

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