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Can I Get A Divorce for Free in Illinois?

Budget oriented Illinois couples who have decided that divorce is their best option may be pondering the question: “Can I get a divorce for free?” With divorce lawyers charging as much as $500 per hour for their services, this question is more relevant today than ever before. While you will still have to pay up to $300 in filing fees, there are no legal requirements to involve a lawyer in order for a couple to get a divorce. That being said, the answer to whether or not you and your spouse can handle the task depends largely upon your ability to make important decisions together, including how you will divide your property, how you will share the responsibility of caring for any children involved, and whether or not there will be spousal and/or child support payments.

Who is Eligible for a Free Divorce?

Couples who do not have jointly owned property or children together will find the divorce process relatively straightforward and inexpensive, assuming there are no disagreements regarding potential alimony payments. Certainly these are the most likely couples to file for a divorce without a lawyer, but if you are willing to work together and make decisions based on fairness and the well being of your children, then even more complex cases involving property and child custody can be completed independently. The court will still review your paperwork and you’ll need to be meticulous when filling out forms, but, provided you and your spouse are in agreement on the separation of assets and sharing of parental responsibilities, your divorce is highly likely to be approved without any additional legal fees.

What Forms Must be Filed and in What Order?

Most couples never get very far past the curiosity stage of questioning “Can I get a divorce for free?” due to concerns of confusing paperwork and legal jargon that can make the process seem overwhelming The internet, however, has changed the game and leveled the playing field, giving everyone access to information that was previously difficult to find and/or only available to lawyers. The 4-part do it yourself divorce program created by Illinois Do-it-Yourself Divorce outlines the entire divorce process from start to finish. You’ll be provided access to the exact legal forms required and receive step by step tutorials explaining what information is needed every step of the way, all without paying a dime in legal fees.

Is Filing for a Free Divorce the Right Option for Us?

Ultimately, the decision to file for divorce without a lawyer is a personal one. Couples who have a long standing business together or those who are unable to come to agreements about child care arrangements and/or property distribution may find it necessary to spend the extra money and hire professionals who will represent in them in court, trusting that the judge will make fair, informed decisions. For those couples who can communicate with one another and make decisions without outside help, filing for a divorce without a lawyer will save time, money, and the emotional hardship of court involvement.

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