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Can I Get a Free Divorce in Illinois?

If you are currently in the process of seeking a divorce and exploring your options in the state of Illinois, you may have heard mention of a free or low-cost, simplified divorce that is available to eligible residents. While you probably realize that a completely free divorce might be too good to be true, at Illinois Do It Yourself Divorce, we think we have the right answer to your question with our DIY divorce program.

Save Yourself Time and Money With DIY Divorce

When you opt for a DIY divorce, you will be spared the cost of personal time it will take you to locate a divorce attorney that you hope has your best interest in mind. You will also find yourself free of the financial burden of hiring an expensive attorney, and the cost of any further legal fees that accrue as your divorce process moves at a pace more likely of their setting than yours. Our process takes place online, quickly and at an affordable price.

Gain Confidence and Move At Your Own Pace

When you choose our 4-part DIY Divorce program, you’ll be able to download the required forms you’ll need to file your own divorce online. You’ll also gain access to our thoroughly instructional and informative webinar, which has been made with the intention of guiding you through the entire process of completing your forms yourself and then filing them – all without needing to involve a costly attorney.

We want you to utilize our service if you are seeking an option that lets you feel more in control of your own divorce and confident in your ability to complete and file your documents yourself. We believe with our DIY Divorce program, this might be more possible than you realized.

Perfect For Couples Seeking A Less Complicated Option

If you and your spouse are in agreement about the things you both expect out of your divorce and are willing and able to communicate what you need without expensive mediation, a DIY Divorce with Illinois Do It Yourself Divorce can be achieved for little more than the filing fees of the forms our program will provide you. Your completed and filed paperwork will be reviewed by the court, but by following the tutorial webinar provided with our services, your chances of approval are very high.

Start When You’re Ready

If you feel that a DIY divorce for free in Illinois is the right decision for you, you can get started today. We are proud to offer our services with a free 14 day trial period, but we think you’ll be satisfied when you are able to handle your divorce on your terms.

Do it yourself divorce in Illinois