Celebrity Divorces Done Right

Divorce occurs more frequently than people would like to believe. Celebrities are a good example of this; typically celebrity divorce seems an almost inevitability. Most celebrity divorces are highly publicized due to the amount of drama and scandal the rich and famous frequently have around them. However, there are celebrities who know how to end a marriage discreetly and efficiently. These celebrities know the right way to get divorced and can serve as an example to those looking to file divorce papers in Illinois.

Bradly Cooper and Jennifer Esposito

Bradly Cooper and Jennifer Esposito said I do in December 2006, and then called the marriage quits after 4 short months in May 2007. The short-lived marriage may have been a disaster, but the divorce was ideal. Few people are aware of Bradly Cooper’s and Jennifer Esposito’s divorce and this is largely due to cooler heads prevailing as they went through their divorce. Prenups were signed before the marriage and the marriage ended on a mutual agreement that the two should simply part ways.

Emily Rossum and Justin Siegel

Emily Rossum and Justin Siegel married in 2008 and then filed for divorce in 2009. They were married a brief year and a half before deciding on ending their marriage. Again, the divorce did not get ugly nor petty; instead, the two behaved like rational adults and did what was necessary for a quiet, and tidy divorce. Neither spoke out to the public dramatizing their failed marriage nor did they slam the each other to the tabloids and anyone who would listen.

Jennifer Garner and Scott Foley

Jennifer Garner and Scott Foley married in 2000 and divorced after three years of marriage in 2003. Both were young, up and-coming-actors who grew apart and eventually wanted different things. The two showed great respect for each other in their tasteful dissolution of their marriage, as well as with what they do and do not say about their shared past. Whatever the real reason for their divorce, they were mature enough to keep private matters private and keep their divorce as drama free as possible.

Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere

Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere were both celebrities when they got married in 1991 and were just as famous when they divorced less than five years later in 1995. There was no talk about why the marriage failed from either of the two until many, many, years later, and even then, it was amicable. Just like all the other celebrities who were able to end their marriages discreetly, these two kept drama out of what is usually a drama filled process.


A divorce that is done right is a divorce that takes spite, anger, and irrational behavior out of the equation. This can be enjoyed by anyone, yet there are a few who actually do. When two adults recognize the end when they see it and value a straightforward dissolution of their marriage, then a truly ideal divorce can take place.