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DIY Divorce: Is It Easy to File for Divorce in Illinois?

The decision to pursue a divorce is never really easy, and many people wonder how to file for divorce in Illinois. No matter what the reasons are when a couple chooses to divorce, the process that follows has traditionally been even more complicated than they may have expected. Divorce proceedings that were initiated with the best intentions can quickly become emotionally and financially overwhelming once the legal fees start to add up. Fortunately, you might have a simpler, much more cost effective option available to you in the form of a DIY divorce.

DIY Divorces Defined

A DIY or “Do It Yourself” divorce is basically exactly what it sounds like – rather than having no option but to hire an overpriced divorce lawyer, there are now several reputable, internet based resources for individuals seeking to file a divorce in Illinois to obtain all of the forms that would be required for them to do so on their own. No need to involve an attorney unless you choose to seek their assistance in the form of a consultation, which will save you the higher cost of most legal fees associated with divorce filings.

A Simpler Solution

In the state of Illinois, a DIY divorce kit that will include all of the court documents you will need to complete and submit to file your own divorce can be found for a considerably more reasonable price than it would cost you to find and hire professional legal assistance. At Illinois Do It Yourself Divorce, we offer not only the documents you’ll need to complete, but a helpful step-by-step instructional video series that will answer questions you may have and offer advice and tips on how your forms should be filled out and filed with the court.

A Better Option for Both of You

DIY divorce might be a better, more cost efficient option for you and your spouse, particularly if your split is uncontested. This is referred to in Illinois as a “no fault divorce”, which you and your spouse will be eligible to file for without an attorney if you agree on the terms of your divorce and at least one of you has been an Illinois resident for a minimum of 90 days prior to filing.

Take the First Step Today

No one can promise you an easy divorce, but at Illinois Do it Yourself Divorce, we hope to help you learn how to file for divorce in Illinois at a lower cost and more streamlined process than what you might find if you have to seek an attorney. If you feel that you understand your needs and rights, and prefer to take the steps needed to begin your divorce on your own, we’re here to help you get started today.

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