Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer for my Divorce?

When you know that divorce is in your future, it’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed when you think about taking that next step. There are so many things that will need to be considered and so many discussions about what you and your spouse both expect as far as what you feel you each deserve to have when your separation is made official. If you have children together, if you bought a house, if you have shared debt, or any other complicated financial situation – these are all things that will need to be looked at closely and divided fairly.

When it comes to making your financial decisions, you may already feel discouraged. Hiring a divorce attorney is never cheap and you may wind up with less money than you started with once you pay your attorney’s fees. Talking with your divorce attorney may give you peace of mind as you navigate the legal maze of divorce proceedings, but the meter is always running in the background, adding up out of sight.

How to get a Divorce Without Hiring an Attorney

You may feel that hiring an attorney is a necessary and unavoidable step when you are getting divorced. It’s very common in divorce proceedings to have legal representation. But if you live in the state of Illinois, there may be another option that you either weren’t even aware of or perhaps have heard of, but aren’t sure how it works – a Do It Yourself divorce.

A DIY divorce is the most inexpensive divorce Illinois has to offer. It’s especially well suited to divorce cases in which both parties can or may have already worked out a suitable arrangement between themselves, with simple terms and division of assets. We have developed a DIY divorce program that can not only instruct you on how to start the process by filing for your divorce yourself but will also provide you with an instructional series of helpful tutorial videos and access to all of the legal documentation that will be needed throughout your proceedings.

DIY divorces are typically resolved much more efficiently than a standard divorce, allowing you both to move on when you’re ready, setting the pace in your own timeframe. With a DIY divorce, both you and your spouse can avoid the exorbitant cost of hiring your own, separate attorneys, sparing yourselves any added financial stress in an already stressful time.