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File for an Illinois Divorce with our DIY Divorce Program

Did you know that the state of Illinois allows individuals who are seeking to file for divorce to obtain, complete and file all of the paperwork needed online? While it might sound too good to be true, filing for divorce yourself – without having to find and then hire a costly divorce attorney – is completely legal and increasingly common thanks to the internet.

At Illinois Do It Yourself Divorce, we believe that you should be allowed to take control of your own divorce process and in that spirit, we strive to provide our clients with a comprehensive and affordable DIY Divorce Program that will guide them through the steps they will need to take.

Saving Your Money, Simplifying Your Decision

Working with an experienced divorce attorney isn’t the right choice for everyone. In situations that are going to require the split of large, complicated estates or which will involve complicated custody battles, it’s true that a good attorney could be in your best interest. But there are often divorce proceedings that do not involve significant financial or property assets and in which the couple separating either do not have children together or do have children, but have already come to an agreement about custody. When this is the case, you are likely to be a great candidate for a DIY divorce.

DIY Divorces can be completed at significantly less cost to you and your spouse, sometimes saving you thousands in attorney fees, and are usually processed much more quickly than a divorce that is contested. When you choose to use Illinois Do It Yourself Divorce, you’ll receive everything you need to take control of your own divorce. Our program provides you with the ability to download any of the forms you’ll need to fill out, at your own pace, as well as a comprehensive and helpful 4-part webinar that will guide you through the process of filling out and filing your forms. All without hiring an expensive attorney.

Your Satisfaction With Our Service, Guaranteed

Illinois Do It Yourself Divorce is pleased to offer our clients a free, 14 day trial period. If you have purchased our DIY Divorce program and find yourself unsatisfied with it or feel it is not the right option for your divorce, you need only to cancel within 14 days and we will not bill you.

Divorce is never easy, but we do feel that our service can at least make it easier for you. We hope that by choosing to file your Illinois divorce online with Illinois Do It Yourself Divorce, you are able to take the steps you need to take with confidence that comes at a lower financial cost to you.

Do it yourself divorce in Illinois