What you Need to Know for a Divorce to Save Thousands in Attorney Fees and Move On with Your Life.

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Divorce Forms and Video Instruction for How to Get a Divorce in Illinois Without an Attorney.

what-is-a-peaceful-divorceDivorce is a difficult process – emotionally, and financially. But you can save thousands of dollars in attorney fees if you and your spouse commit to working together. In my 4-part, Illinois Do It Yourself Divorce webinar, you can download all the necessary divorce forms, and watch step-by-step video instructions for how to get a divorce in Illinois, and save thousands of dollars in attorney fees when you do it yourself.

  • Download all the court documents for divorce in Illinois that you can fill in yourself without an attorney.
  • Video instructions walk you through how to fill out all the required divorce forms with confidence.
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Our “Illinois Do It Yourself Divorce” program is designed to provide the necessary divorce forms, and the information you need to do your own divorce in Illinois without an attorney. However, sometimes the divorce process can be confusing, or your particular divorce has special circumstances that might require the help of an attorney.