How Does IL DIY Divorce Work?

Filing for a divorce in Illinois can be simple if you and your spouse are filing for an uncontested divorce. Instead of spending thousands on legal fees, engaging in courtroom drama, and adding to the emotional toll of the situation, simply do it yourself with Illinois DIY Divorce. We provide you with the information to file for a divorce yourself, including all the divorce papers to download, and excellent video tutorials that will expedite the process and make it simpler. Filing for a divorce in Illinois without a lawyer has never been easier than with Illinois DIY Divorce.

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If you and your spouse are committed to working together to quickly, tastefully, and respectfully dissolve your marriage, choosing Illinois DIY Divorce is your best option. As long as there aren’t any “sticking points,” or contested areas of your divorce, you and your spouse can skip the process of hiring a lawyer and simply do it yourself.

Illinois DIY Divorce has fantastic resources to show you how to file for divorce in Illinois without a lawyer. Our 4-part do-it-yourself webinar includes detailed video instructions which walk you through how to fill out all the required divorce papers. Whether you have no kids, small income, and few assets or several kids, a large income, and a multitude of assets to sort through, Illinois DIY Divorce will walk you through the proper steps to legitimize your divorce. In addition, our program allows you to download all the court documents you’ll need to speed you on your way to an easy divorce—no lawyer needed!


The cost of subscribing to Illinois DIY Divorce is nominal when compared to the steep price of attorney fees. How much does a divorce cost in Illinois? While the broad range of couples getting divorced in Illinois ranges from people below the poverty line to the extravagantly wealthy, the average disputed divorce costs around $19,000 in Illinois. Out of that $19,000, almost $16,000 is paid in attorney’s fees alone. This is why it is critical for you and your spouse to come to an agreement for stipulations such as custody, maintenance (alimony), child support, and divisions of assets. A contested divorce filed with an attorney could cost you the same amount you would pay for a year’s worth of child support, or more!

Illinois DIY Divorce is an extremely affordable option, especially in light of how much attorney fees can be. Illinois DIY Divorce is only $49 per month, and you can limit your subscription to the duration of your divorce. This $49 per month fee will give you unrestricted access to all our documents and webinars, and you will receive a 14-day trial with our guarantee, or your money back!

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Our DIY divorce program is designed to help you with all your DIY divorce-filing needs, but we realize the process can be confusing.
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