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How to File for Divorce in Illinois

Understanding what steps are involved with how to file for divorce in Illinois without a lawyer is not as complicated as you may think. The process in general involves filing papers to petition the court for dissolution of your marriage; you will also need to submit a divorce settlement agreement where you and your spouse will outline the terms of the divorce. Provided nothing is contested within those terms, the remainder of the process simply involves a notification and waiting period followed by a brief court appearance, after which time your marriage will officially be dissolved.

What Paperwork is Required to File for Divorce?

In order to file for a no fault divorce in Illinois, at least one of the partners must have been residing in the state for the previous 90 days. Filing out the proper paperwork, in the proper order, is critical to success in filing for divorce without a lawyer. The do it yourself (DIY) divorce kit provided by Illinois Do It Yourself Divorce contains all the required forms along with tutorials to ensure you are filling out each one correctly and in the proper order. You will then take the forms to your local Circuit Court to initiate the process of divorce.

Who is Eligible for a No Fault, Do It Yourself Divorce?

Technically, all couples where both parties are in agreement regarding the terms of divorce can file their own no fault divorce petition without the help of a lawyer. Couples who have amassed little or no shared property and have no children are in the best position to create an amenable divorce settlement agreement, but couples with shared property and/or children who are able to reason with one another are also excellent candidates for a DIY divorce. You will need to clearly outline the terms of property distribution and any childcare agreements (if applicable), as well as state any alimony or child support payments that will be provided, in order to prevent lengthy and costly legal delays requiring intervention of the court.

How Much Money Will We Save Filing For Divorce Ourselves?

While there is no absolute answer to this question, couples who do not need to hire lawyers to represent them in court or for help filing out paperwork are likely to save thousands of dollars overall. Lawyer fees typically cost several hundred dollars per hour; when you and your spouse are able to come to a reasonable divorce agreement without legal assistance, your only legal fees will be the $300 in filing charges required when you initially petition the court for the dissolution of your marriage.

A DIY Kit for the Entire Divorce Process

Learning how to file for divorce in Illinois without a lawyer has never been easier thanks to the help of the internet and Illinois Do It Yourself Divorce. With all the paperwork you’ll need for the entire process available for download and tutorials that accompany every form, you can be sure you are taking the proper steps from start to finish.

Do it yourself divorce in Illinois