How to Get a Divorce With No Money

When you begin to look into the details regarding how to file for a divorce in Illinois, it doesn’t take long to become overwhelmed by questions.  Who should you hire to represent you?  Should you try to file the papers before your spouse?  How long are the proceedings going to draw out and how much will that end up costing you?  Feeling the pressure of these costly possibilities is probably going to weigh on you no matter which state you live in – but at least if you are trying to figure out how to file for divorce in Illinois you might have the option of pursuing a DIY divorce that could save you a ton of court costs and expensive attorney fees.

What Makes DIY Divorces Less Expensive?

In Illinois, there is no legal requirement for you to employ an attorney to represent you in divorce proceedings.  If you and your spouse anticipate that your divorce will be amicable, with a fairly uncomplicated division of your assets, usually known as an uncontested divorce, then you may be the perfect candidates for handling your divorce process on your own.

This will save each of you all of the costs usually associated with hiring separate attorneys, which can add up quickly even in the most straightforward of divorce cases, meaning that the only costs you are left with are the minimal fees required by the court to file your paperwork.

What Are The Benefits of Using a DIY Divorce Program?

If you and your spouse have chosen to go the DIY route for your divorce, we want to help you make the process as painless as possible.  To this end, we offer a program that provides you with not only all the necessary paperwork that you would otherwise have to compile on your own but also with detailed instructions on filling out your forms and then filing them yourselves.  For a vastly lower total cost than working with one or two attorneys, you’ll also be getting the peace of mind that comes with having a thoroughly detailed plan of action and support as you begin your divorce process.

If you and your spouse have already made the decision to part ways, then it is almost certainly worth a conversation about the way you each want the divorce to go.  You may find that what’s best for both of you is a divorce that can be handled simply, at your own pace, for a considerably lower cost.