IL DIY Divorce – Do It Yourself Divorce in Illinois

Making the decision to divorce involves significant stress for both parties, even if the decision to part is mutual. Fortunately, modern couples don’t face nearly the same obstacles as their counterparts of the past, who often had to wait years and jump through a variety of legal hoops before a divorce was granted. Couples seeking divorce in Illinois have several options, including simplified dissolution designed for those with limited income, property, and who do not have children together.

What is a Simplified Divorce?

In a simplified divorce, the couple must have been married less than eight years, must have been separated for a minimum of six months, and must not own any joint property worth more than $10,000. They must not have a combined income of over $35,000 with neither party making more than $20,000, and each party must waive any and all claims to spousal support. In a simplified divorce, participants receive a packet from their county clerk’s office that contains all of the paperwork necessary for them to handle their own divorce, including a formal Petition for Divorce that must be signed by both parties. After the couple has decided on the distribution of any property and assets held in common, the forms can be filed with the county clerk’s office, and a judge will finalize the divorce at an upcoming hearing.

The Advantages of a Simplified Divorce

Simplified divorce provides a fast, convenient way for those who no longer wish to be married to make a clean break, but what about those who don’t qualify for simplified divorces? Fortunately, couples who are in agreement of all aspects of their separation and divorce can still apply for an uncontested divorce in Illinois. An uncontested divorce is more complex than a simplified divorce because more property and assets are generally involved. Some couples choosing to file for an uncontested divorce may have children together, and they are eligible for this type of divorce as long as they agree on all aspect of child support and visitation. The couple must file a Stipulation for Uncontested Hearing with their county court after they have drafted and signed a settlement agreement. Although there is no substitute for legal advice for couples who aren’t on the same page concerning all aspects of their upcoming divorce, those who come to mutual agreements can save thousands of dollars in legal fees by handling the details of the divorce themselves.

However, red tape can be difficult to navigate, particularly in times of stress. Those seeking a do it yourself divorce in Illinois can get the help they need understanding and filling out the forms by watching our 4-part webinar. Everything is laid out in easy-to-understand terms rather than in legal jargon, and the video instructions provide a clear walk-through of every step involved in filling out the forms. Perhaps best of all, customers who are not completely satisfied with our product have the option receiving a full refund within 14 days of purchase, so you’ve got nothing to lose by giving us a try.

Do it yourself divorce in Illinois