Managing Your Illinois Divorce Paperwork

In today’s modern world it seems about everything is paperless now. That’s not the case with a divorce. The courts are very behind in these matters, because the amount of paperwork during a divorce can be endless. This is especially true if there are significant assets, property involved, or children to decide guardianship over. Everything that is going to be settled on between the divorcing couple creates more and more paperwork.

Managing your Illinois divorce paperwork is vital, so you have access to documents you need at a moment’s notice. Keep in mind that this is even more so the case if you are trying to do some of the legwork yourself through meditation and an uncontested divorce. This “DIY divorce” is meant to limit the higher cost of legal fees and attorneys. Don’t let your divorce paperwork be confusing and intimidating to you. Here are a few tips on how to navigate the dense material to complete your divorce quickly and with ease. The only people who benefit from a long drawn out process are the attorneys who get to bill you and your soon to be ex-spouse by the hour.

File Papers As Soon As You Get Them

This is a simple task that not many people follow. Here’s the scenario, you get home from a meeting with your spouse and a handful of paperwork from the attorneys. Then you just toss them on the counter of your kitchen while you go have a much-needed glass of wine, right? Before you do anything file your papers as soon as you get home. That way you’ll always know where everything is and you won’t misplace as much. Keep the papers stored in the same place in your house, so you aren’t running around trying to find them. If you have an office area, then the desk is fine or wherever you feel is best in your home that you have quick access to all your documents.

Use An Accordion Folder

Having an accordion folder can be a lifesaver. You can easily pick one up at your local office supply store. It’s basically a large box divided into folder sections that you can label. The labeling part is key because you can then divide up the paperwork into specific areas. For example, you can have all your tax information in one part, your separation agreement in another, and anything to do with the children all easily divided with markers. That way it’s a snap to simply grab your documents to look through them with ease and get what you need quickly.

Scan Everything

This brings all your paperwork back into the modern era. For extra safety and security, scan all your paperwork so that you can store it as well on the hard drive of your computer. Backup your files on a zip drive or cloud based storage if you prefer. Keep a secure file that is password protected, so that if anything happens to the hard copies of the paperwork, you have a digital backup available to you.

In the end consider that divorce decrees are something paperwork-wise that you’ll have to save forever. There are some documents you’ll be able to get rid of, but the final stamp from the judge that your marriage is dissolved isn’t one of them. It’s an essential record that you’ll keep in a safe deposit box along with other things like birth records, social security cards, and death certificates.

Do it yourself divorce in Illinois