Strangest Divorce Laws from Around the World

Every divorce is unique, which may be one of the reasons that so many unusual and downright bizarre divorce laws still exist in other states and countries. Here are some of the strangest examples that we’ve come across:

One is the Loneliest Number

One way to ensure that divorce isn’t in your future is to marry someone posthumously. France allows women to marry someone who is deceased. This was purportedly put into law during World War One, so that the fiancé of someone who died in battle could legally obtain the death benefits of their betrothed.

Double Dare You

In Delaware, a wedded couple can have their marriage annulled if “one or both parties entered the marriage as a jest or dare”.

Three’s a Crowd

You have to provide convincing proof, which can be tricky, but seven states in the U.S. will allow an embittered spouse to sue a third party who they feel was responsible for the failure of their marriage. This is known as “alienation of affection” and applies mostly to cases in which one spouse suspects the other was having an affair that was the reason behind their divorce.

Fourth Time’s the Charm?

In what seems like a strangely arbitrary cut off for an unlikely situation, the state of Kentucky made it against the law to remarry the same person four times. So think more carefully before you sign that third set of divorce papers than you did when you signed the first two.

Low Five

New York will grant a divorce to someone whose partner has become mentally ill – but you’ll have to provide proof that the illness has been consistent for at least five years of your marriage and you may still be considered responsible for their care even if a divorce is granted.


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