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llinois Do it Yourself Divorce is a fantastic resource for couples wishing to terminate their marriage contract. The legal process can be daunting at first, but fortunately we can teach you how to file for divorce in Illinois without a lawyer. Illinois DIY Divorce has excellent resources that will walk you through the entire process. Here’s what you need to know.

5-Phase Divorce Empowerment System

There are 5 phases in filing for a divorce which you must work through:

  • Custody/Parental Responsibilities. A couple needs to have a detailed schedule filled out regarding who will take care of the children and when. This includes schedules for the school year, a summer schedule, and a holiday schedule.
  • Maintenance (alimony). Maintenance generally refers to the money paid by the supporting spouse to the dependent spouse. You can calculate this by taking 30% of the gross income of the spouse who will pay maintenance and subtracting 20% of the gross income of the spouse who will receive maintenance. There are a few more details with maintenance that Illinois DIY Divorce will cover in-depth.
  • Child Support. The parent who will have custody of the children the minority of the time will pay the parent with custody the majority of the time child support. The amount ranges from 20% of the parent’s net income for one child to 50% for six children or more.
  • Property Division. Assets must be divided up and agreed upon. Assets include things like homes, bank accounts, and cars. Liabilities such as credit card debt and mortgages must also be divided.
  • Independence. The final phase is freedom!

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Initial Divorce Pleadings

After you and your spouse have come to an agreement on the different phases of divorce, Illinois DIY Divorce can help you fill out all the divorce papers you need to make the divorce official. In the first module of instruction, we will teach you how to draft your court appearance, draft the summons, and draft the divorce petition. These are all legal documents which you can navigate more clearly with guidance.

Drafting a Parenting Plan

You must be able to submit an official parenting plan in order for your do-it-yourself divorce to be approved. We will teach you how to create a detailed schedule covering when each parent will have custody of the children, including a regular schedule, a summer schedule, and a vacation/holiday schedule.

Drafting the Judgment for Dissolutions of Marriage

This module will show you how to draft copies of divisions of property and debt, maintenance, and child support. We will walk you through each of these one step at a time. In addition, this module will help you finalize your divorce and instruct you on how to prepare yourself to appear in court and what to bring.

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